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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What is INaccess?

Indiana's Affordable Classroom Computers for Every Secondary Student program is not about desktops vs. laptops or Windows vs. Linux. It is very much focused on finding workable solutions to problems faced in schools today. It is about solutions that are 1) Affordable; 2) Sustainable; 3) Flexible; and 4) Repeatable.

These discussions will focus on various aspects of what we're doing, and will report on successes and failures that we encounter. We will invite teachers participating in the pilots to comment, and will encourage tech directors and others to make their comments known. As long as comments are made in good taste they are acceptable.

We will report on discussions with companies, organizations, individuals, and others who support the concept and even those who don't. We hope that a healthy discussion of the issues will help uncover solutions that have not yet surfaced and examine issues before they become problems.

Welcome to the INaccess Blog!

Mike Huffman


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